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We’re extremely particular with who we do business with.  Our present list is very short, but accounts for well over 100,000 orders per year combined when it comes to the companies who purchase the products we have manufactured for us or resell.  We rarely do Private Label wholesale for any botanicals, but there are a few exceptions, such as Kava Kava.  Many of the unique products we offer are unique and gives any business interested in offering them a particular competitive edge over the rest of the market  The unique Kava from Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii is one favorite example, but others include unique, organic-certified products such as the herbal smoking blends that Living Spirit developed and enlisted eSutras (another Chicago-based company) to manufacture for us.

Feel free to contact us anytime to get a better idea of what we offer as Private Label, and what products we offer wholesale under the Living Spirit Naturals name.  Speaking of, Living Spirit Naturals, partly because of our exclusivity, has become a very well-respected name for raw herbal products across the internet and at specialty shops around the world.  We pride ourselves on having a great quality product rather than a great quantity of product.  It may sound like a cliche, but we’ve been tempted to use our success to market sub-par products, simply because we would grow instantaneously by doing so, but integrity and customer satisfaction will always remain #1 on our list.

We’re far more interested, especially as time goes on, in helping to do our small part to raise consciousness in relation to the benefits of non-mainstream herbal supplements.  We’re working hard to make these kinds of products far more acceptable in the mainstream market, and one of the victories we’ve had in relation to that goal is Kava Kava.  To us, it’s a panacea of positive effects.  It helps support positive mood, it’s been reportedly used to help decrease discomfort with those who have troublesome backs, and it has a long history of safe and effective use by everyone from royalty down to us workers.

Although Kava can legally be enjoyed by people of any age, we highly recommend that any of the herbal products we offer are enjoyed by responsible adults 18 and over.

That said, below is a list of fine retailers where our products can be found:


Cognihance (Celastrus Products)

eSutras Wellness (Wide range of products)

Kona Kava Farm (our source for Kava)

SpiritualScents (our entire product line)

SweetSmoke Herbs (our herbal smoking blends)


Earth Zone (AZ)

Paymon’s Hooka Lounge (Chicago, IL)