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Kona Kava Farm

Kona Kava FarmKava, also known as ‘Awa, is a beautiful tropical plant that has been prized for its relaxing and euphoric effects all over the South Pacific for thousands of years.  There it is used in ceremony that help to bring people together in a peaceful and loving atmosphere that promotes the well being of the individual and the community!

We are proud to be able to work with Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii, a small, family run farm that produces extremely high quality organic kava that our clients and their customers absolutely love.  We have been working with Kona Kava Farm for many years now, and their products are invariably of an extremely high quality. Also, since we source our kava directly from the farm, we are always assured that it is fresh and made with the absolute best quality and care towards safety.

All of the kava that is grown by Kona Kava Farm is completely organic and produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The farm is located on the fertile volcanic slopes of big island of Hawaii, where the climate and the micro-nutrient rich soil allow plants to grow and thrive in an unbelievable way. After all, that’s where the famous Kona coffee comes from! The farm has been owned and run by the same family for generations, from long before westerners even showed up on the island, so these folks really have a great amount of kava growing experience. They grow a noble strain of kava known as Mahakea which has a unique 4-2-6 chemotype. This makes for the most potent and sweet-tasting kava we’ve ever tried, and our clients seem to agree!

Kona Kava Farm rotates their crops regularly to ensure high quality, extremely potent kava year after year.  Their kava is composed of 90% lateral roots and 10% underground roots.  This means that most kava plants are allowed to grow for several years and only the new, surface level roots are harvested.  This is an extremely sustainable practice that does not damage the land on which the kava is grown.  And, of course, Kona Kava Farm kava is made ONLY of the root of the plant – kava made with stems and leaves can be poisonous, after all.

If the quality of the kava root isn’t enough, we’re blown away year after year by the wide variety of products that Kona Kava Farm offers, and by the new products they are constantly developing. Despite being such a small farm, Kona Kava Farm is able to offer not only processed kava root, but delicious instant kava drinks and chai, kava capsules, kavalactone pastes, kava concentrates, and more! They are always coming to us with innovative new kava products that we’ve never seen anywhere else, and they’re always of the best possible quality.

People have reported using kava to assist them in dealing with conditions ranging from mild to moderate anxiety, depression, OCD and ADD to migraines, muscle pain, insomnia and many more. Of course, kava is not a substitute for medication from a doctor, yet many individuals who report suffering terrible side effects from prescription medication report wonderful results with kava.  Many others have reported that kava has helped them to stop or decrease their use of alcohol! Furthermore, kava is said to improve the sex life and to allow individuals to connect with each other in a stronger, more effective way. And if it weren’t enough that Kona Kava Farm produces such sublime kava, one of the owners, Makaira, puts up regular posts on her Kava Blog that provide tons of fascinating information on the history, benefits and politics surrounding kava. It’s great to know that our kava producer is so passionate and knowledgeable about this plant, and those things certainly show in the product!

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