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Shaman Rattle Root

Shaman Rattle Root

This amazing root is a favorite of Vedic Shaman.  It was not only a popular and powerful Shamanic tool, it reportedly surpasses the position that dry lotus pods hold in relation to rituals where rattle are called for. Yes, Shamanic Rattles and Shamanic Drums are, by far, the two most popular tools used by Shaman when inducing drumming-induced Shamanic trance states. The curious fact is that traditionally, the seeds are then ground up after the ceremony and the resin-like waxy mixture is smoked with tobacco or lotus petals in a mix crafted by the Shaman. The term for that particular blend is “Hokah” or “Gudakhu” and the pipe containing this exotic herbal blend is never given or never taken except when seeking guidance from the spirit world.  To us, that’s an exciting piece of history and we’re proud to offer this product.

Even more exciting is that traditionally, this rare herb was also used as a dream catcher as well as a lucid dream inducer. Take 2-3 whole rattle root pieces and shake the rattle over one’s head and then feet in clockwise circles 3 times.  Then, place the herb under the pillow one uses to sleep on, which reportedly will help initiate a deep sleep with vivid lucid dreaming imagery.

The Shaman’s Rattle Root was also reportedly used by Tantric alchemists as an aphrodisiac, and was also ground up for use in the native “Gudakhu” tobacco smoked in Hookahs.  Hookahs are enjoying a revival in coffee shops around the world, and there can often be nothing like adding some of the Rattle Root powder to any Hookah blend.  Even better is that Rattle Root blends extremely well with the Daganda Herbal Smoking Blend that’s offered in various places on the internet and specialty shops.


– Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 202002, INDE

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