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Kava Kava

Kona KavaUsed for millenia by indigenous people of the Oceanic islands, Piper methysticum, more commonly known as Kava Kava, is steadily gaining repute in the west as an enjoyable herbal beverage. Traditionally, Kava has most commonly been used to promote relaxed socialization.

In Hawaii, as in other Oceanic islands, Kava was often (though not always) consumed in ritual fashion. The root (never the stems or leaves) was dried in the sun, and then either beaten, ground, or chewed until fine enough to blend with a liquid. The resulting material was mixed with water, and gulped (not sipped) from half of a coconut shell. It is not unusual for native users of Kava to consume a minimum of one or two servings per day.

Shipped directly from Kona Kava Farm, a small, family-run farm that has for generations grown Kava on the Big Island of Hawaii, their Kava Kava is the coveted 4-2-6 kavalactone strain. This means that their Kava has the most reliably potent group of kavalactones — the active ingredients responsible for the effects of Kava Kava. Their organically-blended Kava is routinely tested, and is so consistent from batch to batch that its potency never varies by more than ten percent. Additionally, it is ground from 90 percent lateral and 10 percent underground roots, making it among the most potent and safe kava products on the market.

All of our manufactured Kava products are handmade in small batches by eSutras to ensure the freshest and most potent Kava products. As long as Kava is stored away from extremely hot temperatures, it will keep indefinitely. For more than ten years, ours has been some of the best-selling Kava in the world, in part because we are able to ensure an extremely potent, safe product by being aware of every step of the process — from the planting of the first seed, to the sealing of the last bag.

The original Kona Kava Farm predated the founding of the United States, and is situated on the fertile slopes of Hualalai Mountain, roughly 1,100 feet up, in the same climatic conditions which produce the famed Hawaiian Kona coffee. The growing conditions are optimal for Kava, as well — no herbicides or pesticides have ever been needed. After growing and harvesting, the Kava is sun-dried by the ocean.

Kava is one of the longest-used herbal products from Oceania, but those who are curious should take care when selecting a provider. All Kona Kava Farm products are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, and since there is a high turnover rate of products, the product is always fresh.

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